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This is a Fall Out Boy fanblog.
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Okay I am going to bed lovely people, I did only get 3 hours sleep last night due to the freak power outage. Feel free to leave me more imagines in my ask for me to wake up to.

gingerale-addict asked: =.= ( you can never escape that post)


na na na (na na na na na na na na na)

Anonymous asked: Imagine Patrick yelling at you to wake up and hurrying you to get ready in the morning. Basically imagine patrick as a father.

o h my god. My mom is the one who does that though. Mother Patrick.

Anonymous asked: What if patrick wore bandanas instead of hats

I… can’t imagine that for some reason. I don’t think he would wear a bandana well though in that case lol.

Anonymous asked: UH imagine patrick laying on his back and dropping his phone on his face imagine the noise and the expression

I’m snorting, this is what came to mind

I thought this was my imagines anon but I have not escaped the ASCII face post yet it seems

save rock and roll!

Kimberly Perry: A wise man told us one time, he said “you should make every major decision in your life sitting in a graveyard”…

Anonymous asked: WINKS LOUDLY.

don’t tell the other followers but you’re my favorite

Anonymous asked: Or imagine finding patrick asleep on the couch with a dvd title screen still up on the tv (probably game of thrones) and he's stretched out all weird but has his feet shifting cause they're cold so you cover him up with a blanket and turn off the tv.


this is turning into like “patrick do you ever actually go to bed”

Anonymous asked: Imagine patrick being your roommate (Totes platonic tho no worries) and you wake up at like 4 am to the sound of someone rummaging through the kitchen and you get up to find him leaning on against the counter with a bowl of cereal.

I’m laughing, I love you anon

I did in fact imagine this and laughed even harder because in my head his face when I get up and find him eating cereal was like:

Anonymous asked: u rly like patrick stump. but hey i mean thats just a shot in the dark SO

but do your songs know what I do in the dark

Anonymously tell me your assumptions about me and I’ll confirm or deny them.